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Making Exterior and Interior Look Sharp and Clean

Whether your home, business, factory or church needs a touchup or extensive painting done, Sunburst Painting & Papering can do the job correctly and in a timely manner in Altoona, PA, and the surrounding area. We can make the current exterior or interior surface go from looking dull, chipped, and worn to an appearance that is sharp, bright, and clean. We take pride in our workmanship and the satisfaction of our customers when they see the completed project. When you need our painting services, do not hesitate to call us at (814) 946-3250.

Have a Paint Brand Choice? We Will Use It

At Sunburst Painting & Papering, we use the best paint on the market for our painting projects. That includes Sherwin Williams, which is recognized as a leading painting manufacturer. But, if the customer would like us to use another paint, we will use whatever they want on, or in, their home or business. Not only will you have the opportunity to choose the paint brand, we will communicate with you about the color and any other special request. If you want us to match the original paint color, we will, of course, meet your wishes. We paint various structures, rooms, and surfaces, including:

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Do Not Paint Your Home Yourself. Hire Our Professionals!

Your home is showing its age with peeling or discolored paint, and you have a decision to make: paint it yourself or hire the professionals at Sunburst Painting & Papering? We understand that many homeowners want to save money by doing it themselves, but sometimes a DIY project turns out to be the wrong choice, costing you more money and time in the end. We can get the job done quickly, efficiently, and affordably, which frees you up for other things in your busy life. Since a painting project can be messy, we clean the area up after the work is done.

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Call Us for Quality Commercial Painting

Does your office, restaurant, store, or factory need painted on the inside or the outside? Calling Sunburst Painting & Papering for our professional surfaces will make your business more inviting for customers. Since we are available to paint six days a week, we can work out a painting schedule with business owners and managers that will cause as little interference as possible. Contact us to give you a free estimate on your commercial project.

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